36. Sexual intimacy and why you're not into it

Episode #36

When you're in an abusive, toxic narcissistic, any kind of abusive relationship, a topic that is very common amongst all of these relationships is men complain that they're not getting enough intimacy and the women complain that they have no idea why they have suddenly lost all interest in having a sexually intimate relationship.   You have no idea why you don't want to have intimacy with your partner. Intimacy is no longer necessary for you. Because when you have a regular relationship, you're being fed love constantly and your being provided for when you're in a toxic, abusive relationship, the love comes and goes and so does the need to provide sexual intimacy with your partner. It is very well known that men fall in love through a sexual intimacy and women need love to get to sexual intimacy.  Because the relationship in itself is an abusive relationship, the women are not getting what they require to open up to this intimacy.

The connection is not there with the partner.  The connection is not growing and it's not being fed. Therefore, that type of relationship, it's not blooming. It's not growing.  It's just stuck. 

 When you're in a relationship that has more lows than highs, it is very hard for you to understand what is going on in your mind and what is going on with the way that you're feeling. I remember talking to my sister, to my father and my mother, my father told me great reviews about my mother.   My sister had a desire for it, and I did not have any desires and I was questioning her like, what is the problem with me?

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