34. The man you fell in love with...never existed

Episode #34

When you start in a toxic relationship, when you start to meet this person that will lead you down the road of a toxic, abusive, or narcissistic relationship, they start creating a person for you to fall in love with. 

They create a persona for your imagination purposes only and when they have you, they'll drop it. The problem is that we tend to not leave our toxic relationships because we believe in the person that we fell in love with. The reality of it is that person, never existed. You would live in a fantasy world where you think that the person that you met at one point in your life, you can bring back again.

We had such great memories and he understood everything that I needed. That is the person that I fell in love with that is the person that I want back into my life. I am sorry to tell you, they're not coming back.

They might come back in bits and pieces, but they will not come back the way you saw them at the beginning because the person never existed.  Once the mask rolls down, it never fully ever comes back up. Click the link for more...

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