33. Financial abuse and how to recognize it

Episode #33

Financial abuse involves controlling a victim's ability to acquire, to use our, maintain their financial freedom. Abusers think their money is theirs, but so is yours. Not only do they want to control your lives, your emotions and your thoughts, but they also want to control your money. Why is this something that is not recognized or even talked about? This is a form of silent abuse. It is not commonly recognized and financial abuse can vary from person to person, just like the way to handle finances and budgeting. We all do it in a different way, and we all have different versions as to how we manage our finances.

Financial abuse is about control, and you have to figure out how to break that control, because if there is financial abuse, more than likely, there is other types of abuse in the home as well. If they see that you have more than them, they want to deplete you, so they can control you or not necessarily control you, but they want to spend however they want to spend, they're addicts.   Don't let somebody else hold you back from what you want in life. You might be in a difficult or tough situation but remember facing small fears can lead to big changes.

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