31. The Gray Rock Method to handle difficult relationships

Episode #31

The Gray Rock Method  is a strategy some people use when interacting with a manipulative or abuse partner or individual. It allows you to step back and simply observe, It’s basically the act of becoming as unresponsive as possible to this particular person’s behavior. It’s a way to deflect further abuse. This involves becoming as boring and uninteresting as you can be when interacting with your abuser. This is a way of trying to go “unnoticed”. 

The term describes a rock that is just like any other. Nothing about will be interesting, because it’s a grey rock like any other in their surroundings. They all look basically the same, so will you now. Grey Rocking is a way to make yourself an unattractive target.

The Gray Rock Method will not work a 100% of the time. There's some things you have to watch out for, like escalated behavior. If this is the case, abort plan.

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