29. "You've changed", why people say it.

Episode #29

A lot of people come to you and say, “you've changed”, all the while you have been looking for ways to change from the person that you were previously. This is a good thing! Don’t get discouraged, this means that you are growing as a person and others are taking notice. Keep changing and keep evolving. Don’t stop yourself from taking the leap and making the changes. 

Some people will see this as something good, others will think it’s bad. There’s people out there that like you and may be even in your inner circle, but even if they love you, they don’t want you outgrowing them. This happens a lot. Why does this happen? This happens because people see you growing and therefore, it’s a reminder that they are not growing. 

If you came from a toxic relationship, it’s very common to want to change the person that you had become when you were there. I know that you must have heard at some point, your partner saying you've changed. “You've changed” actually means that you are no longer conforming to what was requested or needed from you during this relationship? “You've changed” means that you have started to see the truth. That you have started to recognize the patterns. Means that you are waking up from the person that he thought he had molded into.  Every one of us wants to find somebody that loves us, to love them back. A person that shows you how important and loved you are.

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