28. You're not crazy, he's just toxic

Episode #28

You're not crazy. He's just toxic when you are in a relationship and you start to hear that you're crazy, this is definitely a red flag. 

When you are in a relationship, you most likely started this relationship by a feeling of being in love, feeling good around this person. This feeling comes along with the feeling of trusting this other person and being confident that this person is there for you. No matter what, because this is what they have shown to you.

You must grow to trust and believe this person until they prove they can't be trusted. The problem is there is no physical evidence. The emotional/verbal abuser will leave no marks.  All the evidence is right in front of you, but you won't see it until you want to see it. The evidence is in how you start feeling in the long run.

This is mental health awareness month and I wanted to let you know that you are not crazy. You feel like you are crazy because you have trusted this person while they have been reprogramming your brain.

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