26. What was meant to break you, can make you even stronger

Episode #26

What is it with these narcissistic abusers that gets you completely thrown off track? Not only do you get emotionally, mentally abused during your relationship but when you decide to get out of this relationship, you also keep getting screwed over.
If you can't go no contact with your abuser, it's gonna be really hard afterwards, because if you have kids with this person, there is no way that you can actually co- parent because they're going to want to Contra parent, they're not looking for the benefit of your child. They are just looking to screw you over.

When you are in a toxic relationship, you are being broken down mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. What you don't know is the fact that whenever you're broken down so badly and so hardly there is only one way to come back up and it is to rebuild yourself. No matter how badly you are broken down, You can always come back stronger.

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