25. Two different types of narcissistic abusers

Episode #25

Abusers want you to rely on them and on them only. They want to keep you in a little bubble.   They will start working with the fact that if you have a lot of friendships, still try and start breaking you from those friendships, little by little.     

They will try to pull you away from the people that are close to you, whether they're friends   or their family members, coworkers, anybody that they feel is threatening to them as they abuse you .  They don't want the people that can take their mask off to be around you.   What they do is they start pulling people away from you.

But what if I told you   that there's other types of narcissistic toxic abusers out there where they do the total opposite of this.   What if I told you that there's partners that believe they're above it all and they believe that they need to drain you to survive.  What do I mean by that?   There are men, there are so toxic,  that will cut themselves away from the environment.   Totally rely on you.

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