24. After a toxic relationship you can become the best version of you

Episode #24

If you were in a toxic relationship, you're not going to move forward much until you get out of it.  It's like being shackled and not being able to get free. While you are in this environment with this toxic, abusive person, even if you're trying to be a better person,  you're trying to grow as a person, you will not be able to "fix" yourself until you get out of this environment. 

When you start to work on yourself, you start to teach yourself that you love yourself. You start to tell yourself that you are worth something that you're worth saving, and it's going to send a message to your brain to keep trying to get out. You're not in survival mode anymore.  You're starting to take action to get away from this relationship. Getting away from a toxic relationship is never easy, but totally necessary. 

You need to get out of the relationship to actually be a better version of yourself.

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