20. How can you tell the difference between love bombing and the honeymoon period

Episode #20

When you start in a toxic relationship, you will start to get love bombed. What is that? You may ask. The start of any relationship can be very exciting, but love bombing has another strategy in place. He wants to gain your trust and affection very quickly to wrap you around in his web. Love bombing is about control, creating dependency and idealization of him.

Recognizing some of the strategies might not necessarily mean that you're specifically being loved bombed, but it helps you to be aware and analyze your situation further.

Number one: they can be over the top by sending or giving you gifts. This is not normal gift-giving. It usually consists of gifts that are too much or too soon, kind of a deal. For example, if you are in your office, he could send you a small bouquet of flowers, he could send you one Rose. He chooses to send this huge flower arrangement, and it is way too much way too soon.

Number two: too much love way too soon, they start treating you as if you've been in a relationship for a very long time or that you've known each other for more than you have actually known each other. They started telling you that they love you. That you're perfect for them, that they haven't met anybody like you and this comes way before they actually get to know you or you haven't exposed yourself to that much. Ask yourself, does this feel like it's moving too fast? Does he talk about you being the perfect one or that he loves you when he doesn't even know you that well? number three,

Number three: He wants you to believe that you were born for each other, usually telling you that it was fate and that he was born to love you. He wants you to believe that your soulmates, so he will use any kind of vocabulary that he needs to use to make you feel like you were made for each other. Like he was born to love you. Like it was fate that brought you together, making you feel like he's a perfect one for you ask yourself, is he using words like it's at fate? You were meant for me, you are my soulmate. You understand me more than anyone.

Number four: constant communication, I know that nowadays we are tied to our phones more than ever before, but the constant calling or texting throughout the day can get to be too much at times. You might not feel this odd and if you have not had much attention in the past, it might actually be something that you're craving for, but keep your eyes open and do not let yourself be caught and just the emotion. It may feel very nice at first, but it will become old news as soon as he moves on to the next phase. Seeing everything on your social media, liking and commenting, or calling and texting, when you are at work all day long, might come up as a red flag.

Number five: He wants your world to revolve just around him. He wants your undivided attention and he will get mad for you spending time with other people. Let me tell you a little secret, a healthy partner, respects boundaries, and you spending time with other people, especially friends and family members. This should be a red flag that's a bit easier to spot.

Number six: he's intense wanting time and attention on a constant basis. But on his terms, ask yourself, does he want you to be at his Beck and call? Always wanting attention whenever he's available, number seven, he will say exactly what you want to hear and I don't think I have to tell you any more about this, but keep an eye open.

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