17. Gaslighting - What is it, and how to recognize it.

Episode #17

Gaslighting is to undermine another person's reality by denying facts, the environment, and or their feelings. Manipulated into turning against their cognition, their emotions, and who they fundamentally are as people.  Most of us have been gaslighted at some point in our lives, But what is important is to look into our inner circle and see if there is somebody that is really close, that could be gaslighting you. This could have devastating long-time effects on your emotional, mental, and even physical wellbeing.

 I am not an expert in this matter. I am talking to you from what I have learned, what I have experienced in my toxic relationship and what I have researched about it. It can happen in any kind of scenario, but what is most common is in romantic relationships, but it can also manifest in other types of relationships like parent siblings, boss, or even friend relationships.

 One of the techniques of gaslighting is undermining a person's emotions and feelings to deny their reality. They do this by continuing to invalidate your feelings and making perceptions seem wrong. This gives the illusion that the victim is imagining or making up what is not there when they are experiencing something that is totally real.

 It's a way to deflect their responsibility to disarm you tear you down, but also keep you hooked why? We tend to be people pleasers. We tend to look to make these connections and make this person feel satisfied all the while he's deflecting and tearing us down because we love them.

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