16. 10 Ways to understanding a narcissist

Episode #16

I decided to talk about a narcissist today is because I used to be in this kind of relationship, and I didn't realize what a narcissist was until the day I left, and I started hearing about other people with the same kind of issues.

This is more common in men. When I broke up with my toxic relationship, I wanted to understand the reasons why I was feeling so broken down, so out of love for myself, so undervalued, no sense of self-worth, and all these things that tear you down when you leave this kind of toxic relationship.

I decided to dig a little deeper and it brought me to the rabbit hole of narcissistic people, narcissistic behavior, and relationships and because I was looking for more information regarding what I had been through. I am in a position to better understand these kinds of people when you treat with them.

I would like for you, if you are in a narcissistic relationship, whether it be romantically, or whether it be with somebody else that you open your eyes and understand what you're dealing with because when we understand are, we are and what we're dealing with, it's easier for us to take the correct kind of actions to correct the problem or issue that we have at hand.

When we don't know what we're doing, we just feel like we're going around in circles and it usually feels like we're driving each other kind of crazy. Definitely not where I want you to be or feel at all.

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