12. The different stages of a toxic relationship

Episode #12

Toxic relationships have different levels during the relationship. There are about eight different stages and they vary in different relationships, but according to what I live through, I could find out eight different stages that I can talk to you about.  

1. The first stage is that the relationship moves really fast.

2. You tend to see the light of perfection in their eyes, but sometimes it feels off.

3. As soon as you feel comfortable, you start to notice things are off.

4. You start to get confused.

5. At this point you start to experience gaslighting.

6. More of their normal actions is trying to play the silent. treatment.

7. You find yourself in a vicious circle of leaving him.

8. Someone will end this relationship.

One of my favorite quotes is that I never lose, lose. I either win or I learn, I would love this to be your new quote. You can say it every day. If you want to. I never lose. I either win or I learn. And if you didn't come out winning in this relationship, you came out learning.

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