11. Why resolutions don't work.

Episode #11

Learn the difference between resolutions and creating your goals.   

I hope that you fall into your goal creating moment and you start working towards where you're going to accomplish for the rest of the year. 

1. getting a clear why - you're digging deep into your feelings and emotions to find the reason why you want to make these changes.   

2. you need to brain dump, make a list without thinking, without judgment of all the things that you want to change or habits that you want to start, just brain dump it.

3.  you will go through your list. You brain dump list, and you will look and you will find 10. Items that will be your goals for the year.   

4. it's time to pick your locomotive goal. The main goal that once you start setting that one into motion, it'll help push or move into action your other goals.   

5. get a clear list of actions for each goal. 

Bonus, remember to make a list of your 10 goals every week, and your mind will let you know which are the ones that are most important for you to start moving forward.

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