It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others

Episode #8

I fall prey to these comparisons, but always find my way back really fast.

Sometimes these comparisons can be helpful. They can give you a blueprint for improvement and inspiration for the way you want your life to change.

Other times they can be the means to pick yourself apart and see everything that you think is wrong with yourself. If you are looking to compare yourself to somebody else because that's what you want to look up to because it's something that you want to learn to be or act like that is fine. 

When you start comparing to somebody in a journey that is not your journey, you're going to start to tear yourself down, because you're going to blame yourself and you're going to find fault where there are none. Comparing yourself to others can make you feel lost. It can make you feel inadequate, deprived of feeling good about yourself or even feeling jealous of others. It can make you feel you're not where you're meant to be or even devalue your sense of self and self-worth.

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