Uncover the Different Types of Fear We Face

Episode #7

The brain uses fear to protect us whenever it thinks that we are in a dangerous or painful situation. Fear in itself is a perception of danger or threat, it doesn't always have to be a real danger. During our lives, we develop these different kinds of fears, we need to learn to realize when there is a real moment when our life could be threatened where we could be in danger and we need to be able to determine whether it's the reality of a dangerous or threatening situation, or if it is just the way that we are perceiving the situation. 

We can encounter different types of fear like:

1. Missing out (FOMO) - The fear of missing out. It's a social anxiety kind of fear, and it's the need to stay connected with other people because you fear that you might be missing out.
2. Loss - This is a fear of losing something that can keep you from moving forward.  It can also be an illusion of loss.
3. Change - The fear of change keeps you paralyzed in situations that might not be healthy or fulfilling.
4. Failure - You tell yourself negative things about yourself to keep from moving forward. 
5. Judgment - The fear of others thinking or saying things about us. 

Some of these fears are not real, just an illusion that keeps you holding back from your true potential. Take what's left of the year and make a plan to overcome them, to face them. It's time! 

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