50. Beware of this trick for your mental health

You're starting to see past this and you're starting to see them for who they are. Now you're stuck because now you see what you haven't been wanting to see and you're freaking out because now you don't know what to do. You're trying to figure it out. How to move all these different pieces, but you don't want him to know.

They know, somehow they know before you tell them and their trick is that they're going to play it along. Like they don't know anything and they're going to be the perfect partner. Even though he doesn't seem like he's abusive because he doesn't scream, and he doesn't hit you. He is doing it at another level, it's an invisible level that you don't see, but when you see it, you can't unsee it

Beware of this trick, and please don't fall for it. You will regret it faster than you could imagine. If you need help getting out of your toxic relationship, not only physically moving out of the toxic relationship, but if you need some help, emotionally and mentally.

I have created the breakaway journal. This is a journal that explains what you have been through, what manipulation, trauma bonding, love-bombing all these things are, but not just that, gives you prompts on how to identify, if you've lived through it, it'll help you bring what you felt, how it made you feel, what it did to you and how to move forward from that. If you're looking to break away from not only your relationship, the breakaway journal is a great tool and it is on sale until next Wednesday, November 24th. It is 20% off.

You can go to https://rakelcolina.com/store. Access journal here