52. Lessons learned this year from a toxic relationship journey

During this year I have learned a very important lesson as well. The more I talk about toxic and abusive relationships to help you understand that you were in an abusive relationship and help you with the tools to get moving away from this relationship. I have also learned a few lessons myself. Going from a toxic abusive relationship into a healthy relationship is not going to be as easy as you once thought it was You have to unlearn all the behaviors that you have learned. You have to change the person that you are, the person that you became to be able to deal with all this toxic environment and abusive behavior. You need to unlearn your trauma and you need to unbrainwash yourself from everything that you have been living through. You have to learn to stop people-pleasing and you have to learn to set boundaries. These things are not easy to do because of the toxic environment that we have been exposed to in the past, we thought that it was selfish and even disrespectful to have these things in our lives. We thought because of the trauma that we have been carrying around, that we didn't need boundaries, or we did not need as strict boundaries as we actually do.

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