54. Once Upon That Time

If you're new here, I was in an abusive relationship and I had no idea that it was abuse until the day I left. Therefore I have made it my mission to help women understand the toxic traits and techniques of an abuser because if I didn't know, there's hundreds, if not thousands, or maybe even more women out there that are in a toxic, abusive relationship and they have no idea what's going on. They're being blind-sighted because the one thing that is common in an abusive relationship is that the person that is being abused is a strong person, but is a person with a big heart.

The problem with that is that because we have such big hearts and we tend to love big, we're being taken advantage of. Because we're so big-hearted we tend to see the good in everybody. Even when it's bad, you find good in somebody, especially in your partner. Whatever this person does from here on out. It's to play with your mind and especially with your heart because our hearts are so big and we have such empathy, which is something that they will never understand and it's one of the reasons why they hate you for it. They'll find ways. To make you emotionally pay for what you're doing.

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