55. An abusive partner can have a good behavior but it's all an act

It becomes difficult to understand your partner because you think you are in a healthy relationship and it's easier to excuse the behavior than to acknowledge the red flag. Many times during my toxic relationship, I had to make excuses for what was going on because I knew it was not normal, but I did not recognize what it was.

The abusive and unhealthy behavior escalates slowly. You're going to feel that something isn't right, but keep asking yourself "why is going on? I feel something is going on, but I can't quite pinpoint it." 

If you realize your relationship is off and make them aware of their behavior, as you start changing your ways, they will go back to the beginning and start love bombing you all over again. The difference is that now they know you better than when it started. These types know exactly what you want and they will become everything you want, but it's just an act to spin you in their web again.

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