56. Are you ready for 2022?

You've made it! Today is December 30th. We're just two days away from 2022. Are you ready? Have you already started planning what you're going to do for 2022? I definitely have tried, but vacations at the end of the year didn't help me. I am now coming with a vengeance to attack my goals come January 1st.

In this episode, I talk about the 5 steps I am going to be using to start the year the right way and I invite you to do the same. After the pandemic hit and everything came, all of my habits have changed. And they have to be honest with you, they're not at all the good habits, but because we go through bad times because we go through difficult times, doesn't mean that we get to let our habits, our goals, and our dreams go.

In fact, that is the specific reason why you should push forward. If you have had a tough year, if you have been in a toxic relationship, if you have been depressed with anxiety, anything that has happened to you during this year, we're going to reset in two days. Are you ready for this?