59. He believes you deserve the abuse

He thinks it's your fault!. You deserve the abuse because you allow it. You keep putting up with the abuse you don't even realize is going on, but because of that, you allow it. Most of the time when you're in the abuse, you don't seem to quite understand what is going on. Therefore are not open to seeing the abuse because you're confused and made to feel like you're going crazy and everything is your fault.

Most of these abusive behaviors go unnoticed by us because we have no idea what we're looking for. When you're mentally and psychologically abused, you don't know that you're being abused because this is a strategy for them. It is done in a way that goes gradually and slowly. They don't want to scare you until they have hooked you.

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By putting up with this abuse, you're just telling them that you're well aware of what is happening, whether you are or not, and that you're okay with this type of treatment. This is why you have to know what abuse actually is. In my book, The Break Away Journal, you can work through these to understand and work through what is going on. To get your copy, go to thebreakawayjournal.com

Educate yourself! The more educated you get, the less you will put up with and eventually get out, heal and move on to your best life.

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