60. Using abuse to create avalanches with Leticia Blaque Rose

Today's episode brings a very special guest, Leticia Blaque. We met online and I just fell in love with her story. We tend to believe that abuse is a certain way and at times we believe that it's only happening to us, but Leticia has a very different story because her story begins when she was very young. The trauma that she experienced within her own family unit took her on a spiral that affected her decisions from a very young age.

She talks about how one comment from a family member at a very young age destroyed her belief system, the belief in herself. Taking her on a journey of looking for love and affection in all the wrong places, therefore falling in toxic relationship after toxic relationship. She felt she had to put with the abuse because there was nothing else. She felt she had no alternative route, and her situation and mindset kept her in the same kind of situation.

Then one day, it all clicked for her. She was being arrested for something she didn't even know about and that was the moment it all started falling into place for her. Sometimes we have to fall to the bottom before we can recognize where we are and that happened to Leticia as well. Her story will show that you are not alone and you can get out. If Leticia was able to get back up, after all, she went through, anyone can. Using her abuse to create avalanches of positive results and a better life, and how you can do it too!

You can reach her on Instagram here: blaqueroseaccountable/