62 - This is the year I took my narcissistic ex on vacation with me

In this episode, I talk about the last vacation I took and how I unknowingly took my narcissistic ex along with us. My ex seems to still want to know where I am and with whom. Since I started spending time with someone else, he decided he needed to keep tabs on me. The funny thing is how he did it. He'll go through anyone just to get what they want and don't care who he drags along for the process.

He tried to be slick and the funny thing is that I always catch him. I no longer interfere in his relationship with our son, but everything always gets back to me and I always find out about everything. Whether through an insider or outsider.  I was not comfortable at all with the fact that he was there all the time and every day, but because my son is older now, I didn't engage. This year the word I'm sticking to is PEACE.

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