68. I never thought I'd be free from my abuser

Last Friday was March 18th and for the first time in many years, it came to mind that it was the day I left my toxic relationship. Mentally and emotionally I had left months ago, but physically I was still there. I was not taking any of his love-bombing, nor trying to connect in any way, but I was still there.

Women leave a relationship a long time before they actually walk away and even though it takes a lot to walk out. When we are set and done, there's no changing our mind no matter how bad it hurts. If you're mom, you know that when we see it affect them, that's the moment we pick up and leave, it was the same with me. It took months of feeling I needed to go and planning how I was ever going to make it in this world.

I made it it wasn't easy, but it was possible. You need to invest in yourself, whether it's time, money or work.  

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