76. The media has it all wrong!

I have a message tugging in my heart for you. I believe the media is trying to tell the victims of domestic abuse that no one will be believed because ONE woman lost her case against a powerful man, as they want to portray it.

The message is clear, but it's not the message the media is showing. The media is showing that a woman should be believed no matter what. The media is saying that only women can be victims and men cannot. This is the wrong message and is also a very dangerous message to take to such a wide audience.

The message that should be sweeping the nation should be, to tell the truth, no matter your gender. The message should be that as long as you are telling the truth, you should come forward. The message should be to NEVER stay silent, but that's not the message. WHY?

Abuse comes in many different shapes and sizes, and now we finally recognize that it comes in different genders...THAT should be the message.


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