Let's Just Face It

Let's Just Face It

Hosted by: Rakel Colina

If you’ve been struggling in your relationship, there could be more to it than meets the eye. I’m your host Rakel Colina and for years I was in a very toxic relationship, which I didn’t recognize as abusive until the...

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35. Would you recognize if your relationship was toxic?

Episode #35

 We believe that because nobody else is perfect, that we are in a relationship that isn't perfect as well. The problem with not recognizing that the relationship is toxic is that you will let things happen that tend...
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34. The man you fell in love with...never existed

Episode #34

When you start in a toxic relationship, when you start to meet this person that will lead you down the road of a toxic, abusive, or narcissistic relationship, they start creating a person for you to fall in love...
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33. Financial abuse and how to recognize it

Episode #33

Financial abuse involves controlling a victim's ability to acquire, to use our, maintain their financial freedom. Abusers think their money is theirs, but so is yours. Not only do they want to control your lives, your...
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32. Toxic relationships information recap

Episode #32

In this episode, I took the most important details from the previous episodes to give you a better understanding of a few terms when it comes to toxic or abusive relationship.  Support the show...
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31. The Gray Rock Method to handle difficult relationships

Episode #31

The Gray Rock Method  is a strategy some people use when interacting with a manipulative or abuse partner or individual. It allows you to step back and simply observe, It’s basically the act of becoming as...
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30. Trauma Bonding - Why doesn't she just leave him?

Episode #30

Trauma bonding is a psychological response to abuse. This happens when an abused person forms an unhealthy bond with their abuser. The person that is experiencing or exposed to this abuse may even develop sympathy for...
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29. "You've changed", why people say it.

Episode #29

A lot of people come to you and say, “you've changed”, all the while you have been looking for ways to change from the person that you were previously. This is a good thing! Don’t get discouraged, this means that you...
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28. You're not crazy, he's just toxic

Episode #28

You're not crazy. He's just toxic when you are in a relationship and you start to hear that you're crazy, this is definitely a red flag. When you are in a relationship, you most likely started this relationship by a...
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27. Self-love is created from within, 3 ways to help you find it.

Episode #27

When you come from a toxic relationship, sometimes it doesn't even have to come from a place that you've been in a toxic or abusive relationship, but it is very important that you love and respect yourself at all...
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26. What was meant to break you, can make you even stronger

Episode #26

What is it with these narcissistic abusers that gets you completely thrown off track? Not only do you get emotionally, mentally abused during your relationship but when you decide to get out of this relationship, you...
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25. Two different types of narcissistic abusers

Episode #25

Abusers want you to rely on them and on them only. They want to keep you in a little bubble.   They will start working with the fact that if you have a lot of friendships, still try and start breaking you from those...
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24. After a toxic relationship you can become the best version of you

Episode #24

If you were in a toxic relationship, you're not going to move forward much until you get out of it.  It's like being shackled and not being able to get free. While you are in this environment with this toxic, abusive...
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